9X Minerals Brief

9X Minerals LLC is an industrial minerals focused international company based in Southwestern China. Our ambition is to be the TOP 3 global mining companies of industrial minerals.

We own and operate the barite mine at Jiguanlin Hill and are developing one of Southwestern China’s largest barite-fluorite resources at Lijiashan Hill, which located in Dejiang, Guizhou Province. We are focused on creating a pipeline of opportunities. We make a commitment to do ZERO HARM on HSEC (health, safety, environment, community). We are a Sustainable Mining Company who adapts to our ever changing environment, harnessing the innovative ideas of our people and collaborating to leverage the experience of those around us.

9X Minerals was formed in 2014 by the merger of one China barite-fluorite mining businesses – Lijiashan Hill. Basis on strong shareholders’ funding capabilities, 9X Minerals has acquired Jiguanlin Hill barite mine and associated grinding facilities, which is a production mine, the major barite products are high quality and used in chemical grade, paint grade, brake linings (Brake Pad Grade), and medical applications (for example, a barium meal before a contrast CAT scan, X-Ray).

In 2016, 9X Minerals purchased the Maochonglin and Pancun exploration project. A pre-feasibility study was released for the project in 2017.

We have also signed some important underwriting sales agreements with local barite mines. Currently, our API-Spec-13A grade barite powder supply capacity is more than 250,000 ton per annual; the paint and chemical grade capacity is 30,000 ton per annual. The capacity of existing ore processing and grinding facility is 300,000 ton per annual. Lijiashan Hill is under construction and development; and this mine can go to trial production in the end of 2017, the full production is 100,000 ton per annual. Then 9X Minerals can produce and supply 380,000 ton barite per annual from the end of 2018.