The Production -Majiang Comb Barite Mine


The barite mine that we are mining. Located in Majiang County in Guizhou province, About 15 km from west of Majiang. The highway S309 through the south of mine, and rural road is connected with mine area, moreover, the mine road access to each production point. We are based on the mining, and collecting washing, powder processing. mainly specializing in the production of various specifications of barite lump and different particle size barite powder.


Products: API-13A and Chemical grades barite.

Specific gravity: 4.2min

Passing rate: 200mesh-325mesh

Mine quality: content of BaSO4 90%-97%

Mine whiteness: 80min

The annual production capacity: 40.000~60.000ton/year.

Barite ore mines have reserves of 708.200 tons, according to the mining recovery rate 80%, there are ore quantity of about 566.500 tons.