Declare At Customs Inside Factory

Direct customs clearance in the manufacturer: Xiangzhou Customs Department actively integrate into Guangxi economic and social development overall situation, deepen customs reform,optimizing customs supervision and service, actively promote trade facilitation, fully fulfill customs duties and service macroeconomic development, and promote the good and rapid development of Guangxi economy and Society. Vigorously support the development of local enterprises and strengthen their cooperation with them. Continuous improvement and development of new institutions

1.Perfecting long-term mechanism of service enterprises, We will accumulate in the activities of service enterprises, service places good experience, good practices, good measures curing become a system, focusing on creating "hundred" Activities upgrade edition, the formation of service and supporting the new normal business

2.comprehensively advancing decentralization,strictly implement the Administrative approval project adjustment, cancellation and decentralization, simplify the administrative approval process, comprehensively improve the efficiency of approval. At the same time, expand the application of "advance declaration, cargo to check and place" Customs clearance mode, to promote the supervision and inspection work "forward, backward," the reasonable set of channel parameters and risk parameters, reduce the low risk of goods inspection ratio, and promote the efficiency of customs clearance.

3. Actively promoting the trade reform and upgrading of the city, and senting to the Department to carry out the reform of cross-city customs clearance operation Mode, vigorously promote the cross-city customs clearance operation Paperless reform, and actively coordinate the autonomous regions to clean up the city trade policy system provisions, vigorously guide the cross-market trade to the border small trade transfer.

4.We must vigorously promote the development of cross-border electric merchants in Guangxi, actively implement preferential policies, promoting the general Department of Cross-border trade e-commerce retail export system in Nanning City to carry out retail export business model pilot, to assist local construction of Guangxi cross-border trade integrated e-commerce services Platform.

9X Minerals strives to provide customers with the best service cooperating with the Xiangzhou County Customs Department, inspection and customs clearance can be done in the factory. That means 9X Minerals is more competitive than other barite supplier in the aspect of inland transportation and marine shipment. The packages are delivered directly from factory to Mengshan River Port, then transfer from Mengshan Port to Huangpu Port, then deliver to your destination. With this method, faster time, lower logistic cost, high efficiency!