Directors and Management team

Guomin Sun

MEng (Mechanical), BEng (Mechanical), Professor of Engineering

Non-Executive Chairman

Mr. Guomin Sun has over 30 years’ of experience in the mining industry; following mining and mineral process engineers roles in China, Australia, and America. Mr. Sun is the major founder of Techgart (Beijing) Engineering Co Ltd, and he is also the Chairman of Techgart.


Special responsibilities

Finance & Investment

Nengjun Yu

Board Adviser

Project Experience (part)

Di’Ao Group Mining Energy

06/2010 - 08/2017

1.Responsible for the overall management of the company's mining and mineral processing technology

2.Organized the design and construction of three pairs of capital construction mines, total design capacity for per pair of mines 1.35 million tons per year

3.Organized the design and construction of a new gas power station and the expansion of an old gas power station;

4.Participated in the exploration of five exploration rights in Chongqing, 3 exploration rights in Guizhou and 5 exploration rights in Yunnan. The amount of coal resources has been proved to be 800 million tons.

5.Responsible for the investigation of underground coal gasification technology.

Chongqing Tianfu Mining Company

10/2005 - 04/2010

1.Responsible for the overall management of the company’s technology for 6 years. During the time, the projects I was responsible for include as follows: two pairs of infrastructure mines with 0.9MTPA capacity, a pair of production mine with 1.2MTPA capacity, two pairs of production mine with 0.6MTPA capacity, a dense medium coal washing plant, a gangue power plant and a gas power station.

2.Organized the mining rights exploration, design and construction of two infrastructure mines. At present these mines are on production.

3.Participated in the technical transformation project of environmental protection desulfurization system of gangue power plant.

4.Organized the building of a 500KW X24 gas power station.

5.Participated in the renovation project of coal washing plant from 0.6MTPA to 0.75MTPA.

6.Participated in the deep resources exploration of two pairs mine of 600000 t / a to ensures the resource guarantee of mine level extension.

Songzao Datong coal mine

08/1982 - 10/2004

1.Responsible for the technical management of mining and construction in Datong No.2 Coal Mine for 3 years. The mining technology has been transformed from blast mining friction pillar to single pillar support.

2.Responsible for field technology management of gas control for 3 years. Investigated the basic parameters of mine gas storage.

3.Responsible for the technical management of ventilation and safety in Datong No.2 coal mine for 9 years.

4.Responsible for the technical management in Datong No.2 coal mine for 3 years.

5.Organized the revision of mine geological report and participated in the deep resource exploration project.

6.Responsible for the production, operation and management of the second coal mine for 4 years.

7.Responsible for the technical management of safety production in the Bureau of Mines for half a year. The projects I managed are as follows: a mine with 4.8 MTPA capacity, a thermal coal washing plant with 1.2 MTPA capacity, two gas power stations, one gangue power station and so on.

Wei Tu

BEcon (Finance and Banking),EMBA


Mr. Wei Tu is an experienced professional Company Director and Chairman. He has over 15 years' experience in the finance profession and in business with substantial experience in senior management positions and on boards of other companies across funds management, investment, insurance and resources.

Special responsibilities

Finance & Remuneration Committee

Zhang Daoguo


Project Experience (part)

Apr 2010 – Present

Beijing China

Beijing HOT Mining Tech Co, Ltd

Deputy General Manager, Technical Director

Main Work

1. From the preparation of the company to the daily management of the company.

2. Responsible for the research, development and application of company equipment

3. Responsible for technical guidance and training in mineral processing technology.

4. Responsible for design, drawing, planning and report review.

5. The project manager, responsible for the full implementation of the project, pre-communication, bidding, project implementation management follow-up, on-site commissioning and other related matters.

6. Participate in the review of the development of resource utilization plan and the on-site technical guidance of the HOT mining and dressing project.

7. Analyze and participate in the bidding for the comprehensive bidding documents of the Anglo Gold Congo project gold mine. Finally, the EP (design, equipment procurement) of the screening and crushing system of the project is obtained by HOT. I’m responsible for the management execution of the whole project and the design of the project and related procurement management.

8. Coordination and communication of project screening, washing and rebuilding projects of MMC open pit mine of the Outer Mongolian National Mining Company, and the project management.

9. Guided the mining design of the Iranian thin coal seam mechanization development project and proposed design revisions.

10. Responsible for the technical and economic feasibility assessment of the mine.


1. Anglo Gold Congo Gold Project's full participation in the screening and crushing system, from bidding to technical clarification to project execution, customer supplier communication, third party communication and other related processes. (2011.5-2014.12)

2. Full participation and project management implementation of Mongolian National Mining Corporation MMC open-pit coal mine screening and crushing system transformation project, from drawing design to data delivery and washing plant transformation technical support. (2017.3-present)

3. Full participation of the Mexican copper project, technical support, on-site inspection technical exchange and project management (2016.10-present)

4. Shenhua spare parts business project management and implementation (2011.10-present)

5. Optimize the underground mining design in Iran to ensure an annual output of 300,000 tons. (2016.1-2017.6)

6. Prepare for the establishment of Pakistan joint venture company and Pakistan business inspection cooperation, on-site inspection of thin coal seam mechanization development project and investigation and technical support of other related deposits. (2016.12-present)

7. Reconstruction of the underground coal mining system of the coal mining company of Yunnan Coal Chemical Industry Group and the supply and subsequent service of the rocker arm. (2016.2-present)

8. China inspection and project plan formulation and other related technology business exchange program work for Turkey's ABH Group HAMAL coal mine project open pit mining. (2014.5-2016.3)

9. Work as a third-party consulting unit to provide owners with comprehensive washing plant technical support and bidding support to Australia's Cook coal handing & Preparation Plant upgrade work project.

10. Provide all aspects of technical support, technical solutions and business solutions, as well as on-site inspections and exchanges for The Sand Golden Boat Project in Bolivia implemented by Bolivia LAPZ Gornostay S.R.L Company.

11. Widening the scope of mining company’s business.

Jul 2003 – Mar 2010

Beijing China


Mechanical design engineer, professional leader, project manager

Main Work

1. Responsible for the company's coal preparation plant EPC contract, transformation and other related design work. Professional machinery design, project commissioning technical support and project management. (2003.7-2010.3)

2. Responsible for the company's 3D factory design and development in the coal preparation plant concentrator, comprehensive management of the company's 3D design management and application development. (2008.3-2010.3)

3. Designed the development of the coal preparation plant’s equipment and the mineral processing of the modular coal preparation plant. (2005-2010)

4. Participate in the professional design, related projects management and improving of Datong Coal Mine Group and other related projects in China. The some projects is listed as follow:


1. Made the high-efficiency operation of the overall plant process and equipment of the coal preparation plant's concentrator came true and thoroughly recovered the mine resources.

2. Developed the 3D design and application of the domestic coal preparation plant concentrator, making the coal preparation plant concentrator visible and available. .

3. Participate in the preparation and implementation of relevant equipment for the preparation of coal preparation plants such as sieve centrifuges.

4. Participate in the development of modular coal preparation plant, feasibility and implementation plan of the concentrator.

5. Completed more than 40 engineering projects, all the projects completed are working well, and related operations have been well received by customers.


1999.9 - 2003.6

Studied mechanical design, manufacturing and automation at Anhui University of Science and Technology, mainly in the direction of Mine science And Technology.

2013.12 - 2014.11

Participated in Zhongguancun Entrepreneurship Training Camp and completed the six module courses of “Founder Growth, Capital, Business Model, Marketing, Team Building, and Management of Entrepreneurship”. The courses invited the CEOs and investment company CEOs and executives, lawyers and other relevant professionals from different works of life in the industry to give lessons.

Li He

BEng (Mining)

Senior Mining Engineer, Chief Mining Engineer, Mining Director of 9X Minerals

Mr He is an expert with abundant experience in Mining and Management. Strong communication skill, a heart of progress and excellent technology&market abilities are the most significant qualities of Mr He himself. In 2008, he obtained the qualification certificate of coal mine director and safety qualification certificate (Chongqing Safety Technical Training Center, the license issuing unit).


1990-2008: Worked in Chongqing Songzao Mining Bureau(State-owned enterprise), responsible for coal mining, serving as Coal Mining Technician, Outburst Prevention Technician and Production Dispatch Director.

2005-2008: Worked in Beijing Ruiqi Minobao Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd. (Sino-British Joint Venture). Mr He took the lead of Technical Department and Sales Department to run a lot of lab testing before the product going to market. Mr He and his team succeeded at last and his product has been applied to Coal mine industry, drinking water industry, various tunnels and other fields. Having engaged in technical services in early stage, So Mr He decided to go service as Project Manager and District Leader for a challenge. With excellent marketing ability, He had made a great achievements of marketing development.

2008-2010: Worked in Chongqing Qijiang County Changhong Coal Industry Co., Ltd. Serving as Chief engineer.

2010-2016: Get back to Beijing Ruiqi Minobao Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd.(Australian sole proprietorship). Serving as Technical Manager and Director. During this period, Mr He was busy running in coal mines around whole nation. But the company was out of business caused by financial crisis and depression of coal Industry.

2017-2018: Mr He worked in Forecasting Institute of Chongqing Academy of Coal Sciences. Then he was resigned to General Office of Security Supervision Bureau of Dafang County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province, serving as Gas expert. He has worked as Vice General Manager in Wangjiazhai Coal Mine, Nayong County, Bijie City till now.

Special responsibilities:


George Mao

Ph.D. (Mining), MEng (Geology), BEng (Mineralogy), MAusIMM

Board Advisor

Mr. Mao has over 16 years’ experience in exploration, development and operations in the resources industry. His following exploration geoscientist roles include Australia, Canada, Africa, Kazakhstan and China with BHP, Peabody, GRAM, Vale, Glencore-Xstrata, etc. Mr. Mao was involved in acquiring and due-diligence of mining concession and associated infrastructures for more than 15 years. Works carried out involved commodities include coal, oi l& gas, gold, copper, iron ore, kaolin, barite, fluorite and bauxite.

Mr. Mao is the Member of The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (MAusIMM)

Special responsibilities

Investment, M&A

Xuebing Han

BEng (Mechanical)

Site Manager

Xuebing has strong experience in mining project coordinating, maintenance of mining equipment, spare parts and associated assets management. He also has much experience in business development and community working in mining zone.

Special responsibilities

Site Management & Community Relationship

Yanbo Zheng

BEng (Mechanical)

Head of Corporate Affairs & Supervisor

Mr. Zheng joined 9X Minerals in December 2016. He is accountable for managing the company’s strategic approach to internal and external communications, brand, and reputation, stakeholder engagement including investor relations, media and government.

He has more than 10 years’ experience in Corporate Public Affairs. Mr. Zheng is the major founder of Chengdu Derbo Steel Co Ltd, and he is also the Chairman of Derbo Steel.

Derbo Steel,

Special responsibilities

Corporate Affairs & Supervisor

Lantis Ye

Sales Director

Project Experience (part)

Project Manager at Libo Heavy Machine Technology Co.Ltd

07 2010 - 08-2014

1.Responsible for the detailed management of the project.

2.Organized the design and construction.

3.Organized the transportation and install corp equipment for clients.

4.Organized debugging and acceptance check with clients together.

5.Responsible settlement the project funds with clients and construction team.

General Manager at Mineboss exploit

10. 2014 — 09. 2016

1.Make policy,formulate development program of the corp,sales analysis by Product.

2.Trading in the interenational minerals market.copper concentrate,fluorite,barite powder import and export etc..

Sales Director at 9X Minerals Co.,Ltd

10.2016 - Present

1.Make policy,formulate development program of the corp,sales analysis by Product.

2.Develop the domestic and international clients of our self-own mine product, fluorite,barite powder.

3.Not only limited in trading,our corp can offer the one-stop mine service,related mine exploit consulting and mining equipment.