Our People


Our people play a crucial role in our business.

We are committed to achieving, maintaining and exceeding excellence in managing the Safety, Health, and Development aspects of our people, and to comply with all relevant legislation, regulation and factory standards.

We want to be a preferred employer. We invest in our people throughout their careers, offering diverse and inclusive employment prospects, development opportunities and competitive benefits clearly linked to performance.

Our stakeholders pay particular attention to our safety record, our progress towards our inclusion and diversity goals and how we are achieving local employment requirements particularly in developing countries.

Safety: Our first priority

We will convey and update the safe information to all of our employees in order to create and contribute towards a secure work environment for employees, and where everyone goes home safely after every day and every shift.

Our approach to safety focuses on three core areas: fatality elimination, injury reduction, and catastrophic risk prevention including process safety. We maintain strong safety systems, standards and tools, and verify that critical controls are in place. We foster a culture that stops work if it is not safe.

A healthy workforce

Employees are provided with appropriate and on-going training and protective gear to prevent injuries and health risks, and to create workplaces that protect health and promote wellbeing. Guided by our health standards, our global health professionals identify potential trends, emerging health issues and key occupational health risks, and apply controls.

The health of employees and contractors are a priority for 9X Minerals and appropriate risk management systems exist for all production sites. The prevention is essential to our approach. Our health programme helps us manage material health risks by verifying that critical controls are reducing employees’ and contractors’ exposure to potentially harmful substances, physical energies and vector-borne diseases such as malaria. We consider the local factors affecting our workforce, such as type of resource, location and type of work, to ensure that effort is directed to the more important risks.

Capability and Development

Our people strategy guides how we attract, develop, engage and retain talented people. It is focused on fostering inclusion and diversity, offering exciting work and development opportunities, rewarding good performance and providing quality leadership at every level.

Building and maintaining strong supportive relationships and partnerships with local people around site where we operate creates value for both the business and communities. We try our best to establish long-term benefits to communities which can help to understand the social impacts of our activities, and reducing the negative effects of our activities

We offer the Indigenous people more opportunities to promote their synthetic ability, and help them participate in the local economy through employment and learning programmes along with our local supplier and procurement programmes.