Packing And Loading

packing and loading

Packing: The different specifications of the products are in strict accordance with the relevant requirements for packaging, which can be used in most of the mode of transportations and avoid some surprises during transit and loading.The package with 50kg, 1 or 1.5 ton woven.The woven must be twined film,that make sure against rain,moisture and sunshine.

Direct customs clearance in the manufacturer: 9X Minerals cooperates with the Xiangzhou County Customs Department, inspection and customs clearance can be done in the factory. That means we can save more time during the trading.

Loading: After customs clearance, the barite products directly load in the factory by the truck, the nearest port called Mengshan Port which is 15-20kilometers distant from our factory.Then the freighters could arrive each Pearl Riven Delta deepwater ports. Of course, the carriage capacity due to seasonal, between the flood period, one-off shipping is 1,200 ton, on the low water, the quantity is 500-600 ton.

Our supply capacity is 250,000 ton/year. We have also signed underwriting sales agreement with some barite mines nearby.It can assure 9X Minerals mining continuous and steady supply capacity.