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9X Minerals Co.,Ltd is an international mining enterprise focused on barite mining, beneficiation, washing, grinding and sales. 9X Minerals is based in southwest China which is the area with largest reserves of barite and fluorite around China. Our ambition is to be the TOP 3 global barite mining companies of industrial minerals.

We make a commitment to do ZERO HARM on HSEC (health, safety, environment, community). We are a Sustainable Mining Company who adapts to our ever changing environment, harnessing the innovative ideas of our people and collaborating to leverage the experience of those around us.

9X Minerals is operating one of Southwestern China’s largest barite-fluorite resources at Lijiashan Hill, which located in Dejiang, Guizhou Province. We have also signed some important underwriting sales agreements with local barite mines. 9X Minerals has acquired Jiguanlin Hill barite mine and associated grinding facilities, which is a production mine. Our major barite products are high quality and used in chemical grade, paint grade, brake linings (Brake Pad Grade), and medical applications (for example, a barium meal before a contrast CAT scan, X-Ray).

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