Lijiashan barite mine is located in Dejiang county, Guizhou province. Lijiashan area is about 6km away from the county seat and 20km away from the Gonghe port. Convenient transportation, complete facilities and adequate water& electricity supply provide guarantee for project development. The ore body is stable and large. Major products will be paint grade, chemical grade and other grades. About 2-3km long visible ore body lies on the ground. With the powerful stakeholder engagement of 9X Minerals, Hot Mining Tech Co.,Ltd fully participated the mining design and engineering construction of Lijiashan.

Describe of Lijiashan Barite Mine:

Location: Dejiang, Guizhou province

Name of Mine: Lijiashan Barite Mine

Mining Method: Shallow Hole Shrinkage Stoping Method

Reserves: 1 million tons

BaSO4: 90-97%

Specific Gravity: 4.1-4.3min

Annual Output: 100,000MT

Mining Period: 20 years

01-lijiashan barite mine

02-lijiashan barite mine

03-barite fluorite mine construction_lijiashan barite mine_9X MINERALS

04-Barite mine tunnel-9X MINERALS