Predictive Maintenance Brief Introduction:

Chengdu Alpha Industrial Intelligence Holding Co Ltd is one of the major shareholders of Guizhou 9X Minerals Co Ltd. As an intelligent mining pioneer, Alpha industrial provides intelligence mining solutions, based on IoT (Internet of Things), for Mining & Mineral projects. Alpha’s Predictive Maintenance(PdM) System can help clients achieve the maximum useful life of the assets. 9X Minerals promotes the Predictive Maintenance(PdM) System to clients from all over the world.

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance evolved from the concept of 'Condition Monitoring'. 'Status Monitoring' collects real-time data of critical equipment in plants; however, condition monitoring fails to proactively predict machine outages and wear and tear. Therefore, the emergence of predictive maintenance is a major turning point: more sophisticated sensors, a more efficient communication network, a powerful computing platform capable of processing large-scale data, and a sophisticated algorithm to compare data with the data pattern when the machine is in trouble. From this, we can identify, simulate and interpret the rules of machine operating parameters.

How is the System Architecture of Predictive Maintenance?

02_System Architecture_PdM_Alpha Industrial Intelligence_9X Minerals

ALPHA Intelligence industrial applications and data models are configured for mining, integrating Asset Performance Management and Supply-chain Management.

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

03_Benefits of predictive maintenance_PdM_Alpha Industrial Intelligence_9X Minerals

Besides, predictive maintenance can enhance the machine learning algorithm assures sample collecting and modeling of your equipment. Artificial intelligence informs you predictive advice when your equipment starts behaving abnormally. We also can achieve simple or complex operating environments are easily supported. Flexible Communication Methods optional.

Hardware and software architecture

04_Hardware and software architecture_PdM_Alpha Industrial Intelligence_9X Minerals

Application scenarios

Predictive maintenance in CHPP&Mineral processing plants

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