TZJL series Submerged Slurry Pump


TZJL series liquid pump is a vertical single stage single suction centrifugal pump. The series of pumps are semi open impeller. The impeller suction side is equipped with stirring blades, which can prevent blockage and deposition, and prevent solid particles from settling at the bottom of the pool and cannot be pumped.

2.Main Application

TZJL series submerged slurry pump is a kind of multi-purpose pump whose performance index is better than that of the same type pump at home and abroad on the basis of summarizing the experience of the same type pump at home and abroad. It provides reliable, durable, efficient and economical advanced products for all sectors of our national economy.

TZJL series submerged slurry pump can be used in environmental protection, refinery, water supply and drainage plant, thermal power plant, gas coking plant, municipal engineering, coal mine, printing and dyeing, paper making, factories and other industries to pump thick liquid, heavy oil, oil residue, dirty liquid, mud, mortar, quicksand, flowing sludge, and liquid containing coal, cinder and coal ash; It can be used for pumping waste water containing slag in chemical industry, medicine and other units; It can be used to discharge fluid containing mud and sand in mines; It can also be used for farmland irrigation and drainage, as well as pumping river mud, pond mud, pond water, slurry and other work.

TZJL series Submerged Slurry Pump01

3.Main Features

1. The machining precision of the whole machine is high.

2. It runs in liquid without water injection.

3. The pump has advanced structure, high degree of generalization, reliable operation and convenient installation, disassembly and maintenance.

4. The new type of linear impeller has high efficiency.

5. The flow passage parts are made of high wear-resistant materials with long service life.

6. The range of stable working condition is wide.

7. The product can adopt direct drive or belt drive.