The Exploration-Nan Township Barite mine


The mine named Nan township mine, which is located in De Jiang, Guizhou province and base at an altitude of 765 meters high. Nan rod townships with several villages and towns connected to a line. There are many different ore deposits , main are barite and fluorite ore, copper ore etc, there are reserves over 5 million tons, including barite output can reach 80.000 tons per year. Which is in exploration at present.

The mine’s content:

Products: API-13A barite
Develop methods: underground mining
The section size: 2.s m * 2.6 m
Rock properties: limestone, f value 10-12, nearly level and without water
Barite ore body dip Angle: 60-85
Mineral density: 4.2-4.4
Production capacity: 80.000ton/year
Ore body thickness: about 0.8-3 m, an average of about 1.2 m

This day, HOT and Mining Bureau Geological of Guizhou Dejiang Brigade Group,on the basis of collecting previous mineral, hydrological, engineering, environmental geology and mining data to make exploration and investigation for the mining field geological.Mainly carried out 1:5,000 topographic geology mapping, soil stripping, Old cave investigation, drilling, 1:5,000 hydrology, engineering, Environmental Geology Surveying and mapping, Exploration line profile survey, the delineation of mine goaf, the construction of cataloguing and sampling work, and then transferred to the indoor data collation and Report preparation.

In the field Geological Survey of the mining area,the ore body is produced in the fault fracture zone and the interlayer fissure, the main orebody is basically consistent with the fault occurrence, which is mainly controlled by fault and interlayer crushing zone.Barite is filled along faults and fissures. The common surrounding rock small lens body, angle gravel and mass in ore.The surrounding rock is mainly the fine-grained dolomite and dolomite of loushanguan formation in the Cambrian system, which belongs to the hydrothermal deposit.

After the exploration, we get the basic situation of exploitation and resource reserves of barite ore,delineating and estimating barite reserves in the mining area, which is to compile the verification report of mine reserves, and provide basis for the mining right acquisition.