Product introduction


9X Minerals company has formed a unique corporate culture of "honesty and pragmatism, relying on technology and product quality to win the market".

Our products have below feature,

1: Small size, light weight and convenient installation, 360 ° all-round drilling wire rope coring, core lifting without drill pipe.

2: It consists of four parts: host, pump station, console and winder.

3: It can be put into production in the original transportation and exploration roadway, which can protect the overall structure of the mine. It can also be used for surface 0-90 degree drilling.

4: The drilling rig is arranged flexibly and the drill pipe is twisted and unloaded mechanically, so as to reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve work efficiency.

5: The box feeding frame is adopted, the gripper is tightened, the power head rotates for drilling, and the oil cylinder pulls the drilling tool, so as to save the heavy drilling tower.

6: With linkage function and centralized control through the console, it is simple and safe, and can adjust speed steplessly.

7: Hollow shaft design, the length of drill pipe is not limited by the process of drilling rig.

8: Good disassembly and convenient relocation and transportation. Φ 46- Φ 56- Φ 71 drill pipe can be used with the machine, and it only takes 15 minutes to replace.

We have three series products;

The GS-200:



This patented product, prestressed steel strand; It has high strength, high toughness and good relaxation performance. At the same time, it is relatively straight when unfolding, and its tensile strength grade is also very high. Push the core inner pipe with its characteristics to complete the drilling and coring operation without lifting the drill pipe.

If we use common coring,When drilling 300m hole depth, the operator needs to implement 80400 times of loosen operation, and the auxiliary worker needs to dismantle the drill pipe 40200 times, loosen the drill pipe and take the core back.But when we use wireline coring,It only needs to operate 400 times to pull the inner pipe of the core and pour the core (during the replacement of the drill bit, all the drill pipes need to be raised, and the operation of replacing three drill bits is 1200 times). A total of 1600 pulling operations can be completed.SO Low labor intensity, saving 50 times physical labor;&3-4 times the efficiency of the double tube coring process.

This patented product is a special equipment for conveying steel strand. It adopts four synchronous rolling wheels and is driven by hydraulic motor. It can quickly push the steel strand into the drill pipe and lift the core pipe. It has the advantages of simple structure, full hydraulic operation, controllable conveying speed, convenient operation and reliable performance, and can realize full angle drilling and coring operation.

We have three series products;

The KY-200: