9X Minerals has acquired 30 MT Vanadium-nitrogen Alloy per month quota from one of our shareholders. Now, we have all prepared to deliver VN alloy product to the steel industry and distributor all over the world.

Product description:

The vanadium nitrogen alloy product is a lump with particle size of 10 mm~40 mm and apparent density of no less than 3.0 g/cm3. The variety and main technical indexes meet the standard of GB/T 20567-2006.

Product features:

The process of producing vanadium nitrogen alloy with self-developed automatic nitrogen protection pusher kiln is adopted. At present, the capacity of the two pass tby kiln to be completed is nearly doubled compared with that of the single kiln, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced. After the transformation, the output of vanadium nitrogen alloy will reach 10000 tons / year.


The product is mainly used as the alloy additive of steel. Compared with ferrovanadium, it can strengthen and refine the grain more effectively, reduce the amount of vanadium (save 20% ~ 40%) and reduce the cost of steelmaking. It is known as "aginomoto" in iron and steel industry.

Product technical specification:

Factory and package: