Application of Precipitated Barium Sulfate in Kinds of Paints

Application in High Solid Coatings

High solid gloss finish paints or coatings requires the use of a particle size about 0.7-0.8μm precipitated barium sulfate, if with larger particles it will affect the surface gloss level, if smaller particles due to the influence of higher surface area the usage amount of binder.

Precipitated barium sulfate under 0.7μm particle size can be used to separate pigment and has deflocculating function, thereby enabling to reduce to a very low value of the amount of pigment; precipitated barium sulfate of 0.7μm in a wide range has no influence on the viscosity, so it is possible to use precipitated barium sulfate according to the highest percentage in the recipe given, it has no effect on the gloss. Thus, precipitated barium sulfate help to reduce VOC and replaces the more expensive pigments, to reduce formulation costs and provide a good opportunity.

Besides using in white or bright color paint, the white powdery precipitated barium sulfate can also be used for coating of pure black and will not affect black color. This related to the refractive index of the precipitation of barium sulfate, its refractive index similar to the common resin, so mixture of precipitated barium sulfate is not white but transparent. Thus will not occur light grey in carbon black, precipitated barium sulfate also can reduce VOC of black paint. Oil absorption and specific surface area of carbon black and precipitated barium sulfate have a big difference, by flocculation resistance, effective role of black carbon can only be increased marginally, if use precipitated barium sulfate instead of lots of carbon black it will reduce the quantity of base demand and viscosity, and further will reduce the VOC.

Application in Powder Coating

Powder coating is one of the fastest growing markets in the coatings industry, due to precipitation barium sulfate has a special performance, low demand for basematerials and excellent dispersibility, which become an integral component of powder coating. The specific gravity of precipitated barium sulfate are same as titanium dioxide, it has provided us the opportunity of finding formulations to develop and making powder coating, in the formulations of making powder coatings, mechanical properties of the coating is related to the particle size of precipitated barium sulfate (the finer the better).

Application in Water-base Coating

Due to the chemical inert and insoluble of precipitation of barium sulfate, it is used for water-borne paints as used in conventional paint application, the role of precipitated barium sulfate powder has been confirmed, electrodeposition paint (requirements are very complex). Usually the replacement of titanium dioxide is about 10%-30%.